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Discovery Houses is suitable for all

The houses of rehabilitation are designed and fully equipped for all people, regardless of their type of religion, their sexual preference, regardless of the color of skin, regardless of whether they are of average height,weight, no matter what kind of addictions have, no matter if they are middle class, upper class or lower class. Here the only thing that matters is that the patient can receive the help and support they both need to be able to move forward and regain control of their life. That is why we have created two totally different spaces where men and women can have their own space.

This is the reason why Discovery Houses and offers the exclusive houses, clean, modern and fully equipped so that they can be used men who decide to come to these houses of rehabilitation in seeking professional help, women equal will have their own houses completely furnished, clean and equipped with everything you need by the time they are going to be here to receive professional help. Each one of the groups will have their own space and may decide if they want to share their homes with one or two peers more or if you want to live alone.

It is worth mentioning that in addition can bring your favorite pet to accompany them throughout the process, and will also serve as a fundamental part of the therapy, because walking a pet along the coasts of California’s beaches is truly therapeutic. People who are allergic to pets will be conducting similar activities, but without the company of animals.

If you need more information about our houses of rehabilitation, then we invite you to contact our customer service agents through emails and phone numbers available right here on the official website your and in this way you will be able to ask for information first-hand about what you want to know about our houses of rehabilitation and treatments that will be provided to patients. Remember that Discovery is suitable for all without meanings and that all those who need help and support are more than welcome.

The treatments that are running in our houses of rehabilitation are especially created for people who are addicted to different types of substances and people who are trapped in behaviors or addictive behaviors. Every human being has the right to receive help whatever your illness, so do not hesitate to find out more in